Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A little bit of random...

Just a little something to catch you all up (since it's been so long).
Two weeks ago we went up to Concord, New Hampshire (Mike's hometown), to visit his family (his step-dad is really sick).  We actually got to go up without our kids for a change, so it was nice to have some couple time and check out places we've not been able to go before with three kids in tow.  We took walks around town (sidewalks everywhere!), and window shopped, went to the famer's market (all outside, downtown), checked out some local artists, and went to the Co-Op (lots of organic stuff...and they have amazing food and desserts!).
I love New England so much and would love to move there.  It's so organic and natural...makes me want to start a commune and live by the fruit of the land...or however that expression goes.
Also, I have a newfound (or renewed, perhaps) obsession with buttons. I used to love raiding my great-grandmothers button jar and sewing them to everything. But I haven't really had an interest in them since probably high school. So while we were in NH last week, we visited an antique store and I found hundreds of vintage buttons...and fell in love! I have been having so much fun making them into rings...

A close up of my two favorites

Mike made the one on the far right :)

These are actually two separate rings (and made with beads, not buttons)

And my last little bit of randomness...


I NEED these shoes...but I doubt Mike will agree with me...
(By the way, the crochet part is actually socks and not part of the boot...love it though!
And the website for these boots was not in English, but you can find similar ones elsewhere.)

And more shoes...

I LOVE moccasins!!!  And I love them in this color especially!
                                                             You can find them here

And of course, some super cute baby shoes :)
Check them out here
(Joyfolie, the company that makes these adorable baby boots, also uses organic cotton and eco-friendly materials.  And 10% of their profits go toward Giving Hope to Children, a non-profit org that refurbishes medical equipment to send to impoverished and disaster-stricken areas.  Check out their bio.) 

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