Friday, August 26, 2011


Every morning I get an email from Proverbs 31 Ministries with my devotion for the day.  Todays devotion hit me hard.  Lysa TerKeurst, the author of todays devotion, recently visited the Dream Center in LA.  The Dream Center is a church-supported facility that houses over 700 people.  People who are homeless, people who are recovering drug addicts, people who are ex-gang members, people who have been used in sex trafficking.  People who are just like me and you, but made a bad decision, or were told lies, or felt lost and hopeless and turned to something that promised them more.  These people are finding  hope now, but it's not the end of their journey.  The way of life that they're used to, is a way of life that draws them back.  My heart is drawn to these people and aches for them.  But what can I do?  I'm thousands of miles away from them.  I'm one person.  I'm not equipped to reach these people.  But I serve an amazing God, and He has equipped others to reach them.  In Lysa's blog today, she shares her idea to reach these people.  So I want to share it with you.  She is asking her friends, and fellow bloggers to write a note of encouragement to someone at the Dream Center and include these three things...
*Your favorite Bible verse...
*A note from you encouraging them that Jesus hears their prayers...
*AND a gift card. 
(Here is Lysa's blog...check it out to learn more about sending a note and gift card to someone at the Dream Center.  She also includes a list of ideas/places about where to get gift cards.)

This is huge!  And it weighs heavy on my heart.  We could all have easily been in the same place as those now living at the Dream Center.  I hope that this post will resonate in your soul and encourage you to look outside of everyday life.  To look at the things we take for granted and see the blessings we have. 

Also, there are plenty of ways to help in and around our own area. 

The Rescue Mission
The R.E.A.C.H Cold Weather Shelter
Tides of Love
Convoy of Hope

If you want to know more about ways to get involved, send me an email and I'll give you all the info you need :)

Thanks for checking out my blog today!

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  1. Nice blog. I'm going to start one of my own here. soon. Hope all is well. ^^